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Where to Buy RedMere Enabled Cables

HDMI Cables 

To watch High Definition video on the HDTV or monitor you need a HDMI Cable, DisplayPort or MHL Cable and the picture quality on the HDTV will only be as good as the cable that connects the smartphone, camcorder or DVD player to the TV or monitor.

A cable powered by RedMere’s smart active technology is the absolute best in terms of delivery of the picture quality, weight and portability of the cable and ease of installation.

 At Home

Standard HDMI cables are heavy, thick and bulky, they add to the ‘rats nest’ of cables at the base of the TV or entertainment centre and they are difficult to plug into the back of the HD or 3D TV as they do not bend easily.

HDMI Cables powered by RedMere’s technology are only 25% of the size of a standard HDMI cable and because they are light and ultra-thin they are easier to bend, route and disguise in your home after plugging in and installing with your DVD, set-top box, or Blu-ray player. The slim and sleek design looks great and reduces the nest of cables at the back of the TV, all while guaranteeing full 1080p HD picture quality.

On the Move

With a smartphone like the Nokia N8 you can web-enable your TV - browse the net, go shopping, view emails and play games on the big screen using a HDMI or MHL cable powered by RedMere.

RedMere smart cables are ultra-light and portable and are the ultimate accessory companion for smartphones, compact digital cameras and digital SLR cameras. Any portable device that can film or capture images in full HD requires a RedMere enabled cable as the standard HDMI cables are short, thick, heavy and lack portability.

 The Office

View your editing suite, digital images, presentations on the big screen or web-enable your TV or monitor. RedMere’s technology will allow you to carry this ultra slim cable in your laptop case or briefcase and guarantees full 1080p High-Def output on your HDTV or monitor.


Where to Buy RedMere Enabled Cables

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